Digital Nomad Week is a celebration bringing together 10,000 people from around the world live and online to learn from the worlds foremost experts on remote work & travel.
Full Speaker List
We invited 100+ of the foremost experts in the movement. Government leaders, digital nomad influencers, policy changers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and global citizens.
Christian Facey
Founder AudioMob
Forbes 30 Under 30 and CoFounder of AudioMob, a UK-based audio advertising company for mobile gaming that lets players listen to ads while they play rather than being interrupted. The former Googler has raised $2 million in funding and advertising clients include Warner and Ministry of Sound.
Victoria Puzach
Founder, Work Travel Summit
Victoria spent years learning how to manage remote and hybrid teams and expanding EdTech products to emerging markets; organizing, facilitating, and coordinating different parts of international events and festivals for 50-1000 people with the aim to bring transformational education to the masses.
Jason Marc Campbell
Podcast Host At Mindvalley
Jason Marc Campbell is the author of the upcoming book on Selling with Love. He interviews thought leaders from around the world on topics of Leadership, Team building, Communication, Productivity and so much more. He is a public speaker who's shared the stage with the likes of Gary V, Jason Silva, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols and more. You'll quickly recognise him through his high energy and passion for making a positive impact in people's lives.
Fadila A. Ahmad
Owner Of Fainajs Express, Ltd.
Fadila A. Ahmad is the owner of Fainajs Express—remote-first business development and trade facilitation firm that operates in 9 countries and offers commodity brokerage & cross-border trade advisory services. Originally from Nigeria, Fadila runs her business remotely while traveling the world.
Danny Carlson
Owner. Kenji ROI
Danny Carlson is an Amazon E-com Expert specializing in PPC Management & Listing Optimization. He founded the Agency "Kenji ROI" in 2016 & has grown it to more than 10 team members.

Kenji ROI has served 638+ brands in all categories with product photography, video, copywriting, Amazon SEO, & Amazon PPC Management services, and has produced 1355+ Amazon product listings.

Alex Lamber
Owner Of Fainajs Express, Ltd.
Alex is a podcast host, speaker, mastermind facilitator, digital nomad, entrepreneur and author of The New Wave: Escape 9-5, Do What You Love and Make an Impact.
He is passionate about helping lightworkers create more impact and co-creating the conscious new earth.
Adele Wiejaczka
Founder. Live Large Design
Adele started her branding agency, Live Large Design, in 2012 as a way to serve social and environmental entrepreneurs through strategic branding and website platforms. She has a Masters in Fine Art in graphic design and is also a professor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and now teaches design courses through Live Large Tribe.
Ichi Yamada
Cofounder | Tropical Nomad Coworking Space
Based in Bali for the last decade, Ichi is a co-founder of Tropical Nomad Coworking Space in Canggu, Bali. He is an entrepreneur, in addition to operating coworking space, he also runs a startup in sustainable bodycare & household cleaning products, as well as owns and manages a few restaurants in Canggu, Bali.

His passion is to be a connector for like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals, facilitating collaboration and innovation by forming a startup community for sustainability and technology in Bali.

Native of Tokyo, his career started as a systems engineer, worked in the IT industry for more than 10 years as infrastructure consultant and systems architect for global Fortune 500 companies.

Amit Pandey
Founder | Global Nomad Summit
Amit is India's digital nomad leader and founder of Global Nomad Summit. He helped establish his organization to help digital nomads and remote workers by hosting his first event single-handedly with the help of some volunteers. He's also organized two regular conferences (Goa, Bangalore), hosted 20+ meetups across different cities in India and Rio, hosted 10+ Virtual masterclass series which impacted his community members significantly.
Aurimas Juodka (AJ)
CEO | Yogi Lab Bali & High Performance Retreat
Aurimas Juodka, popularly known as AJ, is a well-known figure in the High Performance space. He is an educator, speaker and coach who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to tap into pristine mental and physical condition through his coaching. Today, he coaches his clients through online programs, live retreats and seminars.
Nora Dunn
The Professional Hobo
Nora Dunn (aka The Professional Hobo) is one of the original Digital Nomads and Lifestyle Travel Bloggers, having sold everything she owned in 2006 to travel full-time. She traveled full-time for 12 years, and while she now has a home base in Toronto, she continues to travel for about half of each year. She combines her expertise as a former Certified Financial Planner with her lifestyle travel experience, to teach people how to travel full-time/long-term in a financially sustainable way. Specializing in slow travel, Nora has lived in and traveled through over 60 countries. Her travel experiences range from sublime to absurd to downright terrifying. She survived three natural disasters, three tropical diseases (apparently these things come in three's), a near-fatal accident, passport theft, and more breakups than she'd care to admit to. She also saved over $100,000 getting free accommodation around the world. She filmed tv shows in three countries. She even apprenticed with a shaman for two years in Peru, and worked as a shaman's assistant in Ecuador. Through her immersive travel experiences, Nora has gained a unique insight into various locations and people, thus living out her lifelong dream of "hacking" into local cultures around the world. Her writing and speaking provides equal doses of entertainment, inspiration, and instruction. And her financial expertise has dubbed her "The Finance of Travel Girl".
Mayur Sontakke
Mayur is a digital nomad turned communitypreneur. He is on a mission to take work away from big cities by creating a network of rural coworking-coliving spaces across India therough his venture, NomadGao. In the past, Mayur has built remote teams, moderated online and offline communities, and run retreats for digital nomads. Mayur is also working on a social project, ProGram Panchayat, to harness the power of remote work for social change.
Juliana Rabbi
Juliana Rabbi is a recruiter-turned-career coach. After working for over 15 years as a recruiter and part of the human resources teams in multinational corporations all over the world, she has been working remotely for the past 8+ years and now helps professionals to create a career and a lifestyle that makes them happier. Juliana has a background in Psychology, a Master Degree in Human Resources. She currently works as a Career Coach and helps professionals to land their dream remote job in 90 days. She is also a Digital Nomad who has been to 51 countries, she can't resist playing with dogs, she tries different animal poses in yoga and enjoys acting in comedy improv.
Mandy Fransz
Make the Leap Digital

Mandy Fransz (30) is an Online Business Consultant, LinkedIn Expert, Remote Work Advocate, and the owner and founder of Make the Leap Digital, a boutique consulting agency helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses to unlock the power of LinkedIn and remote work. She founded Make the Leap Digital from a tropical co-working space in Bali and she often shares practical tips and behind-the-scenes content with her community of +23,000 social media followers on LinkedIn and Instagram (@maketheleap_) and she manages the fast-growing Remote Workers on LI group with +65,000 members. In 2019, Mandy was nominated one of the most inspiring and ambitious women entrepreneurs in The Netherlands and she has been featured in top international publications such as Thrive Global, VIVA400, & LINDA.
David Gamboa
David is the Founder & CEO of LiveBeyond, a startup that designs unique remote work experiences for people & teams, in top destinations, since 2018. After more than 10 years in the financial world, David decided to break-free from the land of cubicles and created the LiveBeyond Method of "Holistic Productivity", to make remote work more productive, healthier and fulfilling. His work is inspired by world-class performers such as Tim Ferris, Julia Cameron, David Allen, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh and many more.
Sergio Sala
YouTuber Influencer, Minimalist.
Sergio will share how he became full time YouTuber after some years of hard work and some failures. Learn how you can convert your passion into a living while making videos to your own audience. He will teach you all the tips & tricks on getting your first subscribers, getting sponsorship and finding your voice!

J Mendes

No Footprint Group

My two passions: Nomadism and Sustainability I wake up every day with the vision of a society without borders where we don't just live, we thrive to improve ourselves, our society and our planet. Sustainability is not enough and not exciting for our human ambition, we need more, we need abundance and we need to respect our boundaries doing so. I've been a Nomad since 2010 and working on sustainability for some years. I organize events, do public speaking, and have a website, all about traveling with a positive impact. I also run an Eco Hotel agency to help the supply side of the equation to do better. Contact me if you want to join forces with any of these goals in mind.
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